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Welcome to my goldfish website. This site is not intended to be a serious essay on goldfish keeping, but a little bit of fun, to show that Goldfish make great, intelligent, interactive pets, who should be treated with love and respect!

Goldfish like most animals thrive on a varied diet, and they love little extras, especially fruit and veg. As Goldfish don't have a stomach, but a long digestive tract, it is possible to overfeed them, so only ever find tiny amounts. You should always peel and deseed fruit, giving your fish the squishy pulpy parts.

Many goldfish enjoy their greens, although mine have a sweet tooth and like fruit, broccoli is a favourite of many fish. Mine however love peas, peas are a special food for goldfish as they help prevent swimbladder problems by acting as a laxative - it's a good idea to give your goldfish a pea or two a week to help prevent these problems.

You should also feed a good sinking pellet food - mine get Fish Sempai Pro Gold from Canada (see links) but you can buy food from your pet specialist or ebay.

So how do I know which foods are their favourites? Well it's a guess really, but I have noticed that the things they seem to like the most they suck the fastest!

Gillean Lazelle 24 March 2009


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Hopefully a full range of T-shirts, mugs, stickers, hats, bags, posters, prints, aprons etc with your favourite fishes including comets, veil tails and orandas to start. Carmen Oranda anyone?



In September 2008, I upgraded Burt's fish tank to a Juwel Lido 120 which was 3 times the size of his previous tank and in November 2008, I finally got him another friend, Pomegranate a black oranda (see photos). Unfortunately, after a short illness Burt died on 27 February 2009. Burt had been suffering from swim bladder problems and despite excellent care and advice he died. So sometimes, even with the best care and lots of knowledge, our little fish friends don't always make it. So rest in peace Burt, you'll always be my little squishy.
Pomegranate took Burt's death quite hard as she's a very sociable fish who was obviously not used to being on her own. On our visit to the fish shop, we found a Burt lookalike, who we have named Bart. Bart was quite nervous to begin with but has settled in well and follows Pom everywhere.

Goldfish Good Food Guide

Frozen Bloodworms  
Butternut Squash (cooked)      
Carrot (cooked)        
Cauliflower (cooked)        
Coconut (fresh grated)      
Shelled Peas (cooked)